" A ride or die woman. Loyal to core, and strong enough to be exactly who she is, all the time following her interwition and doing things the way she always saw them in her head "  

By Tegan For days gone by vacationing and escaping for a blissful summer. By Tegan is lightweight and minimal in style, powerfully feminine and beautifully crafted. Simple and relaxed shapes form timeless and modern resort wear. A breath of fresh air for warm weather dreaming. 

hat allusion to holidaying and never-ending bikini ties that makes the brand feel so in-tune with an elevated Australian lens. 

We design with the intent that our styles will last a lifetime, are not disposable, and don’t become obsolete with the changing of the seasons. We are timeless, with purpose; in each product’s aesthetic so that they transcend trends, but importantly also in manufacturing with integrity so that our products stand the test of time.

Summer days are taking a sustainable approach.

confesses she has always had a love for design -

'I have been sketching dresses since I was a kid,' she says.


Bali so aesthetically brilliant and engaging

Tegan has been visiting Bali with her family for over 15 years, and it's an infatuation with the island and its people that spurred the designer to create her eponymous fashion label. Ethically hand-crafted by local batik men and tailors in Bali and India, Cassandro's breezy wrap dresses, silk pants and shirred tops are hand dyed and printed, for a collection of beautiful, unique designs in classic, timeless silhouettes. 

Here, Cassandro shares captures from her most recent trip to Bali, where she visited the makers behind her resort collections.


"The Artisans we work with are the foundation of our Business. We work closely with them from the design stage to the finished product. As our relationship has developed through work and friendship, we have developed a mutual respect with an understanding for each other and the product"


Quality is our utmost priority. We ensure our garments fit and perform exactly as they need to. We work in close partnership with our Australian manufacturers to maintain the high quality we expect of ourselves, and you have come to expect of us.